Who We Are

Working Together to Improve the Future of Children

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The Latino Child Care Association of Maryland, Inc. (LCAM) is a non-profit organization that was created in 2014 with the mission of promoting the quality of child care and early education through the professional development of providers and educators. LatinX from the state of Maryland.

LCAM recognizes the importance of our children’s early formative years and the impact these have on their future. High-quality training and care by our trained Latino providers and educators are the key to the well-being of families in our community.

Benefits of our Membership

  • Training opportunities, workshops and professional training courses in Spanish at a reduced cost or free.
  • Technical assistance and guidance in obtaining child care licensing, federal and state certifications and accreditations.
  • Free mentoring program.
  • Monthly meetings where updated information on child care and early education issues is shared.
  • Establish connections with Latino professionals in the field of child care and early education.
  • Many more benefits as a result of our expansion and growth.

Join us and be a part of our community at LCAM, where we work together to improve quality child care and early education. We look forward to having you!

LCAM Memberships

Our Partners

We join forces with our trusted partners to promote quality child care and early childhood education.

Maryland State Department of Education - Division of Early Childhood
Maryland State Family Child Care Association (MSFCCA)
Early Childhood Services Montgomery College
Iniciativa de la
Montgomery College Maryland
NAFCC Latino Caucus
Civic Latino Association

Our Leadership

Meet Our Board of Directors

Antonio Hernandez-Cardoso
Antonio Hernandez-Cardoso
Vice President
Charo Torres
Charo Torres
Executive Director
Linda Zaldívar
Linda Zaldívar
Nuri Funes
Nuri Funes
Board of Directors

LCAM Trainings

Entrenamientos Junio 2023

06/01/2023 4:50 pm

Entrenamientos Junio 2023

Entrenamientos Junio 2023 | Puedes reservar tu cupo desde ya texteando al número (240) 817-8422.

Our Trainings
Entrenamientos Mayo 2023

05/01/2023 4:50 pm

Entrenamientos Mayo 2023

Trainings disponibles para Mayo 2023, puedes reservar tu cupo desde ya. Latino Childcare Association of Maryland

Our Trainings


What our members, partners and friends say about LCAM

Thanks to LCAM I have been able to gain the necessary preparation to be able to offer high quality child care to the families I serve in my program. Networking with other Latinx providers has helped me a lot to exchange information, educate and support each other to continue to grow professionally.

I want to thank the LCAM family for all the help they have given me. I have been able to open my own child care business with the help of the Mentoring Program and the low-cost courses they offer I can say that I have achieved my dream, thank you LCAM for the great work you do!

LCAM is constantly announcing classes that are essential for our license renewal, other classes that improve the provider's qualifications; it also informs us of grants, business management, any changes in childcare regulations, and other topics. Most importantly this organization serves a Spanish speaking community of providers in our own language.