Join the Business Plus Membership

Would you like to support child care and early education, while your business is recognized for its great social responsibility?

LCAM offers a variety of membership options for businesses and institutions passionate about supporting the development of quality child care and early education services to families in our Maryland community.

The Business Plus Membership is aimed at businesses or institutions that do not necessarily provide child care services (regular businesses such as universities, NGOs, government agencies, etc.), but wish to support the mission and vision of LCAM.


• Logo displayed on LCAM's website with a link to your website (on home section)

• Ad/post once a week on LCAM's social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

• Logo featured as LCAM's sponsor at monthly membership meetings

• Invitation to LCAM's events and conferences throughout the year

Transform Your Community

Impact the lives of families in Maryland with the Business Plus Membership

To get your Business Plus membership, you can scan the QR code or click “JOIN NOW” to complete the membership form and make the payment.

Once the membership is paid you will receive a notification via email to get more info about your organization and registered members.

It may be necessary to wait up to 24 hours. Contact us online or text us at (240) 817-8422 if you have any questions.

Membresía Business Plus
Business Plus Membership
Be part of a collaborative effort Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for Maryland’s children and families.

Explore More Business Memberships

Business Memberships are for organizations and institutions that want to show their support for LCAM and the community we serve in Maryland, while also gaining social recognition and brand exposure.

Home Childcare Membership
Get the support and resources you need to succeed in child care at home.
Center Premium Membership
Invest in your Center and your community and become part of a support network of small child care providers.
Center Platinum Membership
Access invaluable resources and opportunities for large child care centers and raise your profile.

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