MC: Summer Symposium – Collaboration

Abajo les transmitimos la petición de colaboración del Montgomery College para apoyar el «Early Childhood Professionals Summer Symposium» que se llevará a cabo el jueves 22 de agosto de 2019. Encontrarán más detalles del evento en el folleto adjunto.

La invitación es abierta a todas aquellas asociadas que quieran participar.

English Information:

The Early Childhood Professionals Summer Symposium is quickly filling up.  We are anticipating it to be full and have already hit 200 attendees.
As partners, I am now reaching out to divide the work.  
What has been completed and what we still need (bolded is what is still needed):
  1. Speakers/Agenda – MSCCA and MC (done)
  2. IT and Facilities – MC (Sonia and Nelida)
  3. Student Volunteers to set up signs and guide to TA – ECE Club
  4. Posters for outdoor signs to guide people with directions – MC (Sonia)
  5. Pizza – Kaplan (done)
  6. Water/Fruit – MSCCA (done)
  7. Cookies – ?
  8. Organization to purchase paper products: plates, napkins, forks for 400.
  9. Organization to purchase bags and/or folders with the event name and partners names
    1. Kaplan did this the first year and MSCCA the second year.
  10. Organization to be responsible for collecting items from all organizations and filling the bags or folders with the items (this is time-consuming and needs to be done prior to the event, folders/bags must arrive filled – ECE Club has done this the last two years, but we need them to now support with guiding this year)
  11. Organization to have volunteers at the food table (students will be outside assisting students).
MC will have people at the registration table and we are trying to finalize how the PAU’s will be distributed.  MSDE has approved 2 PAU’s since this is a statewide event with a national speaker! 
Please email and let me know how your organizations can contribute.