Good morning, everyone!
If you are applying for a training voucher at MSDE for the MSFCCA Annual Conference, please input/write the following under Training Information:
Title: Beyond Technology: Early Childhood Education in the Digital Age
Training Organization Name: Maryland State Family Child Care Association (MSFCCA)
Address: 10612 Harpoon Hill, Columbia, MD 21044
Attached in this email are conference advertisements and cost that are required when you submit your voucher application.
Send a copy of your MSDE Voucher Application along with your Registration Form. Your application for your voucher will hold your spot until your Validated Voucher is received by the MSFCCA Conference Committee. If your MSDE Voucher is not received by September 1, 2019, you have until Sept. 10, 2019 to send in a personal check or credit card information to keep your spot. If not, your registration will be forfeited. ALL vouchers must be received by Sept. 1, 2019. The attendee is responsible for MSDE Vouchers, it is not the responsibility of the MSFCCA Conference Committee. 
Thank you and have a great day!

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